Yarley Nystrom, LMT

Yarley Nystrom has been providing exceptional massage therapy since 2004. Serious soft-tissue injuries received in an auto accident prompted Yarley to seek pain relief and healing through Massage Therapy. With his recovery he realized that his experience would help him understand and empathize with his future clients.

While injury rehabilitation and pain management are areas of expertise in his practice, he has a gentle, focused touch, enabling him to tailor your massage to your individual needs. Modalities he uses include Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Gua Sha, Cupping and Hot Stone Massage. His goal is to return each client to a state of homeostasis, balance, and vibrant, pain-free living!

Whether you are seeking a deeply relaxing full-body massage, or focused treatment for pain relief or injury rehabilitation, Yarley’s knowledge and passionate dedication bring you the exceptional care you desire.

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